Unshared Living

Unshared living spaces where you don't lift a finger. Stay for as short as 30 days and get a beautiful place just for you, in a great spot, looked after by us. We arrange the furniture, cleaning, Wi-Fi, security, and maintenance.

Live easy and on your terms

Embrace a carefree lifestyle that’s tailored to you, with fully furnished suites and stays from 30 days. Where privacy, comfort and convenience converge perfectly.

Get your personal space and privacy – a place that’s yours and nobody else’s.

Enjoy your personal haven with in-suite cooking facilities, a private bathroom, a living space, and a cosy sleeping area just for you.

Be and feel safe and secure – here, you’re looked after

Rest easy with our onsite management, professional security, card entry systems, and CCTV—your peace of mind is our priority.


December 2023

The accommodation is clean with a very modern design. It is kept clean with great facilities. The design allows you to make your room a home whilst you stay there. There are laundry facilities and parking which is great. The bathroom facilities work really well with great heating as well.


December 2023

The Quarters Watford is very nice. All the time nice and clean and smell so fresh thanks to Agata. The facilities are all working properly and if it's any problem, Jamie from maintenance will fix it and all is back to standard. Katie the general manager is so lovely. All the time so polite with lovely smile and professional manners.


July 2023

The building is perfect for working professionals. It's clean, quiet, maintained every day, there is access to everything you need and the staff are wonderful. They cater to all and there are a variety of pleasant people who live there. Whether you wish to be social or prefer to keep quietly to yourself, you can have both.

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