Why is The Quarters different?

Finding high-quality, short-term accommodation in London is a problem, particularly if you’re not already based here. Most properties come with long contracts while any short-term solutions are unrealistically expensive. The Quarters offers the first smart short-term accommodation solution: managed lodging spaces that are stylish yet affordable, for stays that range from one night to six months.

Who needs The Quarters?

Modern life throws up many situations where people need temporary accommodation. Maybe you’re relocating to London for work and haven’t yet found a permanent home. Perhaps you live overseas and are planning a secondment. Or it could be that you need to bridge a gap while you’re looking for a permanent home. Whatever the reason, The Quarters is here to offer you a stopgap solution until you settle down.

What can I expect from The Quarters?

The Quarters is the best value short-term accommodation option in London. Our Studios are high-specification and thoughtfully designed, and we select our properties for their proximity to excellent transport links. Additionally, our expert On-site Management Team will help you settle in and ensure a seamless experience throughout your stay.


The Quarters brand was created and is operated by Bravo. We are a dynamic company with a strong track record and more than 20 years’ experience, having managed over 1 million sq ft of residential, commercial and hospitality assets. Our current portfolio comprises short-term rental apartment properties in strategic locations across Greater London.

Bravo are known for delivering exceptional investment returns by transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Our expert team adapts to constantly evolving markets, looking for opportunities to add value through innovative solutions.