1.A reservation is made when an applicant wants to place a formal offer to rent a property. The reservation guarantees that we will take the property off the market for 7 days until the offer is formally accepted.
2. The reservation fee is equivalent to two weeks’ rent and is payable by debit or credit card.
3. The reservation is only guaranteed when the reservation fee is paid and confirmed by us in writing by email.
4. All reservations will be subject to successfully passing reference checks. Applicants are required to submit reference documents within 72 hours of paying the reservation fee. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of your reservation unless agreed otherwise.

Offer Accepted

1. When the applicant successfully passes the reference check, the applicant’s offer is accepted.
2. The applicant will need to sign the Tenancy Agreement and pay the moving-in monies before completing the tenancy.
3. The moving-in monies consist of:

a. Administration fee.
b. Rent pro-rata until the end of the month. If the move in date is after the 15th, rent is pro-rata until the end of the following month.
c. Utilities pro-rata until the end of the month. If the move in date is after the 15th, utilities are pro-rata until the end of the following month.
d. Deposit equivalent to six weeks’ rent. This is deposited with the Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS), a government approved tenancy deposit protection scheme in England and Wales operated by The Dispute Service Ltd.
e. Deposit for access card or fob.
NB. The reservation fee initially paid is credited and will form part of your moving-in monies.

4. The moving-in monies are due 7 days prior to the moving-in date unless agreed otherwise.
5. Once the Tenancy Agreement is signed and the full payment is received, your Tenancy Agreement is complete. You are now a Guest and can move in.
6. Unless agreed otherwise in writing, we will make the property available for Guests to check-in from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. on the moving-in date.
7. According to the UK Right to Rent policy, we are required to meet Guests in person and check original documents. The Guest/s must provide a valid form of ID issued by a governing body (ie Passport or Driver’s License) upon checking in. If the Guest/s cannot provide a valid ID, we reserve the right to cancel the tenancy.


1. Guests are liable for all the amounts stated in their Tenancy Agreement. For Additional Services, we will charge the corresponding fee as per the additional fees provided with the Tenancy Agreement.
2. We can only accept debit or credit card payments. We do not accept cash, cheque, giro acceptance form, or any other means of payment not previously stated.


1. If the applicant has not signed the Tenancy Agreement, the applicant may cancel or withdraw the reservation request or tenancy application at any time by notifying The Quarters in writing. However, any fees the applicant has already paid for the reservation are non-refundable.
2. If the applicant has signed the Tenancy Agreement, rights to cancel will be governed by the terms of your Tenancy Agreement.
3. Notice of cancellation must be provided in writing. The applicant shall derive no rights from a verbal cancellation.

Applicable Law and Disputes

This Agreement and any additional agreement(s) relating to branches of The Quarters in the UK shall be governed by the laws of the England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.